Aleksi Rintala

Sales and Marketing Consultant

Aleksi has strong experience in B2B sales, building concepts, recruiting sales teams, and building various sales teams during times of change to achieve growth goals. At Pro-Source, Aleksi helps our clients to solve the recruitment challenges related to growth goals and how to reach those goals on time.

Aleksi highlights the pain points and perspectives in the business, on the basis of which the organization can take into account important solutions that guide the companies towards the desired goal in accordance with their strategy.

The underlying idea is to help the clients individually build Teams that thrive in the midst of change.

Aleksi also serves as Chairman of the Board of the sales company Intergalactic Solutions, which has been building and developing B2B sales processes from SMEs to midcap companies since the beginning of the corona pandemic.

Contact information

Phone: +358 40 220 7355