Celebrating our 15th anniversary

We celebrated our 15th birthday by organizing a change management seminar at Hotel Kämp’s famous Mirror Room. In the seminar we heard multidisciplinary views on how change is to be managed when it’s not known what will change.


Professor Juha Siltala, University of Helsinki, observed that the labour market is polarized and that the social security and identities of individuals are hampered by labour market citizenship. Risks at the workplace require counterweights in other areas of life.

Managing Director Karoliina Jarenko, of the Academy of Philosophy, stated that it is not possible to succeed in future work life with quite the same kind of mind-set as before. The feeling of security lies in the personal experience of work and in the development of one’s own skills.

Markku Kaijala, Pro-Source CEO, noted that recruitment is evolving from the search for individual expertise to continuous development of organization, leadership and competence. The managing director’s responsibility is to identify when an organization must make a major shift in direction, then focus on what skills are needed and how the change is organized.