Recruiting a new executive presents a major opportunity. That’s why it’s important to exploit the full potential of this moment. When commencing an executive search, we seek out the most suitable person for the open position without going public. Bearing in mind that the contacted candidates may not be actively seeking new career opportunities, both transparency and confidentiality are crucial to this process.

The most important phase in executive search is the careful assessment of your business environment. We get to know your company along with its industry, competitors, culture and identity. We identify weaknesses and competitive advantages, and form an understanding of the industry’s development in the near future. Based on this, we define the profile of the desired person together with you, specifying what is expected of him or her during the first 6 or 12 months (for example).

A key point – we never simply look for a suitable person for the company. We also look for a suitable company for the person. We always try to help the person in question in building his or her career by charting their ambitions and motivations. When we seek out an environment where the person can be happy, we tend to find our clients people who commit and thrive in their organisation.

Our executive search service includes all phases of the process, up to the success tracking of the selected person. We give all our executive searches a guarantee of success – 97 % of the talents we find will remain in service for the agreed period of time. Contact our experts – with more than 15 years’ and numerous successful executive searches’ worth of experience, they’re here to help you find the right recruitment solution.