Recruitment training for managers

Internal and external recruitment is often difficult for supervisors. Before making a recruitment decision, the manager must thoroughly understand underlying business needs and analyse what will best help their goals: a new employee, better-managed subcontracting, more efficient processes or business reorganization. What skills are needed in the job, and what kind of profile and personality would best suit the position?

Larger companies often have ready-made job descriptions and recruitment advertising, meaning that corners may be cut in the process in order to save time. However, recruitment is a strategic investment, not just a box to be ticked. Building a strong team doesn’t just require recruiting the right talent; recruits must also be motivated to work together, to develop in the same direction as your company and to stay with you for the long term.

We train managers to take into account everything that is essential in recruiting and to make the process as agile as possible. Once trained, managers are better able to make strategic recruitment decisions and support employees on their career paths. Contact us, and we’ll help ensure that every recruitment is as successful as possible.

Management and career coaching

An organisation’s performance is put to the test every time it faces change, whether that change affects the business environment, staffing or team composition. In such situations, it’s important to ensure that your entire staff is fully equipped to work towards common goals. Coaching helps you to cope, both in these kinds of transition periods and during subsequent change.

Through our management and executive board coaching we reinforce the skills needed to create a motivating atmosphere and reach mutual goals. In our career coaching, the individual acquires the tools and resources to achieve his or her goals as part of your work community. Coaching also makes visible the current state of your organization’s capabilities, its competency needs, and the evolving demands of individuals. Management and career coaching support each other, and they are carried out according to your current resources and individuals’ goals.

Our international online training tool Career Transition Manager is available for both individual training and organization coaching. Training elements and tools can be tailored to suit your needs.