Why outplacement?

Restructuring is an inevitable part of any business. What can be affected, however, is the full support of those who are being made redundant in getting a new job, as well as taking into account supervisors and the rest of the work community during the process.

Providing outplacement services is a sign of corporate social responsibility towards its employees. Pro-Source’s coaching exercises include strengthening your personal brand as a job seeker, adopting effective job search techniques, and preparing for interviews and salary negotiations.

Outplacement Services

Our goal is to help the trainee get a new job within 4-6 months of starting. We offer our customers two types of reorganization services:

  • In outplacement coaching, the process begins with the termination of the employment relationship.
  • In pro-placement coaching, the employee will continue in his / her current job description until a new job is found.

Both of our services combine online and face-to-face coaching, either with the individual or in a group. Our experience and methods ensure the creation and maintenance of a positive, constructive and appreciative atmosphere throughout the restructuring process.

As a member of OI Global Partnersin, the industry leader, we can also coordinate international coaching.

Outplacement benefits for companies:

  • A legally, ethically and socially accepted way to end a long-term employment relationship, enabling the company to acquire new skills
  • Maintains a good employer image because coaching is done in an open and good spirit
  • Provides opportunities for significant savings

Outplacement benefits for employees:

  • A comprehensive and proven concept of career planning and job search that strengthens job search skills
  • Provides tools for defining and developing your own professional profile and competence
  • The trainee enjoys the support and assistance of the (former) employer during the job application process
  • A new job with a new, interesting employer may be the beginning of a new career

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