Understanding the skillset required for sales and marketing roles is one of Pro-Source’s strengths. Some of our key personnel have a background in sales and marketing. Our company began in the early 2000’s with assignments related to these areas.

The changing world has also changed sales and marketing. We have an in-depth understanding of what skills these roles require.

Companies often receive a huge number of applications for sales and marketing positions, and it is often difficult to determine whether the candidate is qualified for the job. Deep knowledge of the field and lots of hard work is required to find the diamonds for each role.

Direct search for sales and marketing roles is our strength. Pro-Source employs three researchers who specialize in finding strong candidates for each assignment. They use various networks, Pro-Source’s own database and AI-based tools. In addition to these, we use our own contacts in the sector.


Innovation and development are constant in the marketing sector. The growth of personalized marketing, the use of AI in marketing strategy, and the role of social media create a whole new environment for marketing work. Sustainable development and responsibility have become important themes.

The major challenges for sales work include the changing behavior of customers, increasing competition, constant technological updates and integrations, and the need to analyze and use data. Sales professionals must adapt quickly to changing market conditions and find new ways to differentiate from competitors.


Our recent assignments:

  • Head of Marketing for the travel sector
  •  Country Brand Manager for an insurance company
  • Sales director for the media sector
  • Sales Manager for the IT sector
  • Insight Manager for a marketing agency
  • Marketing manager for the construction industry
  • Client Director for a marketing agency


Our public references:

Talink Silja / Head of Marketing




Together with the client, we will review their core strategy and the goals derived from it and define what it means for the organization. Next, we will specify what talent is needed and create a job description that will guide our researchers’ work. The description should include the things that the new hire should achieve within the first year. Based on this, we will launch our executive search process which is described here.

Follow-up is also important – how well has the new hire succeeded in the role? Pro-Source will take care of follow-up interviews at the agreed-on times.





  • Our experts have decades of experience in sales and marketing, and we understand what kind of talent is needed in these roles.
  • We work with a long-term perspective, but with agility and flexibility.
  • We monitor the results of our cooperation together with you and are committed to developing your organization.
  • Our existing networks in Finland and abroad make urgent assignments possible, and guarantee quality in less urgent assignments.
  • Through us, you will have access to international talent, both through our own network and through our international partners.
  • We help ensure that your executive search and recruitment planning is flexible and proactive, sufficiently forward-looking, and adaptable to your company’s situation.

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