The growing importance of renewable energy can be seen in the employment opportunities in the sector. According to our moderate estimates, tens of thousands of new jobs will be created in Finland’s renewable energy sector by 2030, requiring specific expertise.

Pro-Source can find experts for critical roles in the renewable energy sector –
We have successfully completed dozens of executive search assignments in the field!


We help companies who deal with solar energy, wind energy, hydrogen energy, and transmission networks fulfill their hiring needs and retain employees.

We find experts for permanent positions, but also for temporary roles and projects. In particular we focus on:

  • executive level roles
  • sourcing for leadership roles in projects or business areas (project development managers, project managers)
  • demanding expert roles that require special expertise (e.g. land use experts, lawyers who know the energy sector, wind power experts, energy market analysts)
  • business support functions requiring high expertise (energy market experts, data and business analysts)




1. Recognizing talent needs for the next twelve months  

We will start with a review of your business and projects. We will focus particularly on the scheduling challenges created by the political environment and permit processes, the scheduling effects of potential funding applications, and the resourcing and talent challenges brought by business growth. This will give us a strong basis for creating an executive search plan.


A clear and strategy-based picture of the future makes decision-making and planning easier.  


2. Creating an executive search plan

After recognizing the talent and recruitment needs, we will form a plan for future executive searches. We will identify the roles where executive search is the most sensible recruitmetnt method. This makes proactive resourcing and executive search possible based on the development of the business. The goal is to ensure that the right experts can be hired at the right time, and that lack of resources or skills will not cause expensive delays for our client’s business.


A thorough plan ensures successful recruitments at the right time


3. Executive search implemented according to plans

We always choose the executive search model that suits our client the best, using our international networks and business sector experience to find the right candidates. More information about our executive search process can be found here.


We help you find the talent you need from Finland or from the international talent market.


4. Maintaining the executive search plan

After the initial successful executive search assignments, we will update the plans with you on a quarterly basis, based on changes in staffing and projects. This makes it possible to react quickly to sudden changes. Working with us as an external recruitment partner means that your recruitments are properly planned, that you can react quickly to urgent, surprising situations.


Your recruitment plan will change and stay updated during the life cycle of projects.




  • We understand the nature, recruitment process and practices of the renewable energy sector based on years of experience with the best experts in the field.
  • Our existing networks in Finland and abroad make urgent assignments possible, and guarantee quality in less urgent assignments.
  • Through us, you will have access to international talent, both through our own network and through our international partners.
  • We help ensure that your executive search and recruitment planning is flexible and proactive, sufficiently forward-looking, and adaptable to your company’s situation.


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