A huge change is taking place in the Finnish health care sector with the formation and development of the wellbeing services counties. Pro-Source is involved in developing the executive leadership, resourcing, management, and employee satisfaction of the wellbeing services counties with our years of experience.

Our leading experts can help develop the leadership skills at all levels of management, achieving significant cost savings.

Good leadership and personnel management of a wellbeing services county is built on four pillars:

  1. A smoothly functioning executive team, agile decision making, and clear communication chains for implementing decisions
  2. Up-to-date leadership and management skills of first-line managers
  3. Understanding the qualities of a multicultural organization
  4. Well-functioning onboarding processes and practices in all roles

Our work on these pillars aims to improve employee satisfaction, reduce employee turnover, make recruitments easier through improving the employee experience, and reduce direct and indirect recruitment costs.

We have worked with the healthcare sector for decades and currently our extensive team of experts serves the wellbeing services counties. We partner with the authors of the book “Johtaminen hyvinvointialueella – Miten ratkaista henkilöstöpula?”, Olli-Pekka Lehtonen, Samuli Saarni and Marina Kinnunen in providing coaching services for wellbeing services county executive teams. The key is to improve employee attraction and retention through good leadership.

Our recent assignments:

  • Wellbeing services county executive directors
  • Domain/business area directors for private healthcare organizations and public healthcare
  • Managing directors for public and private healthcare organizations
  • Technical director for the public healthcare sector
  • Finance director for the public healthcare sector
  • HR directors and HR managers for the public healthcare sector
  • Project director for a public healthcare data systems project
  • Regional directors for a private healthcare organization
  • Unit directors for a private healthcare organization

Our public references:

Kaiku 24 / Chief Executive Officer

Central Finland Healthcare District / Long-standing executive search partnership


1. Analysis of executive team work

When we begin working with a new wellbeing services county, we do an external analysis of the executive team’s work. We perform a personality assessment for each individual to support their development and to ensure good teamwork. We evaluate decision making  processes and communication models with the various of decision making bodies of the wellbeing services county. We also evaluate the processes of implementing decisions throughout the organization. Based on all of this, we give recommendations for future development.

An independent external analysis with recommendations ensures efficient and harmonic leadership and provides a basis for development work at the division level.

2. Executive search and recruitment plans

If the analysis suggest that the executive team will need new talent during the coming years, we create profiles of the talent that the executive team should seek. We help with executive searches as per our process.

Our services will always keep you one step ahead with your human resources needs!


1. Analysis of division executive team work

As we deepen our cooperation to the division level, we perform the same initial analysis as with the county-level executive team. The scope and content of the analysis will be tailored based on the division.

Guarantee successful teamwork of division leadership in a challenging environment!

2. Executive search and recruitment plan

Together with the division leadership we will evaluate the analysis results and determine what new talent is needed, and how soon it is possible to recruit. We will form an executive search plan for the most demanding leadership and expert roles, and a recruitment plan for other roles where executive search is not the most cost effective choice. We help with executive searches as per our process.

Our services will always keep you one step ahead with your human resources needs – also at the division level!

3. Leadership and management coaching for wellbeing services counties

Many managers in the wellbeing services counties have operative responsibilities in addition to their leadership role. This means that the leadership and personnel management work is often sidelines. Our efficient, tailored coaching services provide both executives and first-line managers tools that help them with their management duties. Our trainings improve the recruitment and onboarding capabilities of the entire organization. We help you develop your multicultural leadership. Read more about executive coaching here.

Our coaching packages have been tested by many wellbeing services counties and they can be adapted to developing leadership skills!  

4. Monitoring the implementation of the changes, measuring and continuing development

Together with the executive team, we monitor the development of the organization using the indicators defined in the initial analysis. We make plans, review the needs for new trainings, and support you in the journey towards the ultimate goal: improvement of employee satisfaction, reduced turnover, easier recruitments, improved employee experience and reduced total costs of recruitment.

We will not leave you in a bind after the project is completed – we will monitor the results together!



  • Our experts have decades of experience in the healthcare sector, and we understand the everyday work of wellbeing services counties, from the top leadership to division leadership all the way to the front-line managers.
  • We work with a long-term perspective, but with agility and flexibility
  • We monitor the results of our cooperation together with you and are committed to improving employee welfare in a cost-effective way

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