Our history with the specific requirements of public sector, wellbeing services counties and the health and social services industry goes back ten years. Our cooperation with hospital districts began already in 2013 with the Central Finland Health Care District that partnered with Pro-Source in the search for a project manager for the construction of a new hospital building:

Case: The Central Finland Health Care District

The past ten years have been a great learning experience for us. We have had the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of public health care services and the health and social services sector, for better or worse. We are aware of the needs of the various organizations and what skilled experts and supervisors expect from their work. Regardless of strict timetables, enormous workloads and tight budgets, we love the work and the meaning it holds.

As the wellbeing services counties were initiated on January 1, 2023, we had already partnered with four of them. We are very happy about this and wish to contribute more.

We are specialized in finding excellent leaders and experts to public-service employment and for corporate employment. The change in the market is evident in the substantial number of CEO applications received. Delving into the corporate world, we have found executives who have a great understanding of public administration and its special characteristics.

We can provide support for your open search and bring in much needed recruits. We are experienced in assessing the suitability of applicants to their current or new assignments – we have the best methods in the industry and 20 years of experience at our disposal. Developing teamwork is close to our heart, both at the executive management and the unit level. In a transition, fixed-term employment may also be a sensible solution and for those situations we offer project professionals for temporary contracts.

We are at our most efficient with clients who, despite their strengths and dependability, do not have a strong enough employer image or sufficient resources to independently attract experts for demanding positions.

Some of our latest assignments commissioned by the public sector:

Directors of public health care for wellbeing services counties
Industry executives for private care organizations and for public health care
CEOs for public and private health care organizations
Technical Director for public health care
Chief Financial Officer for public health care
HR Directors and HR Managers for public health care
Project organization director for a public health care IT system project
Regional Directors for private care organizations
Unit Directors for private health and social services organizations
• Numerous other assignments commissioned by private and public health and social services





Advisory Board for the Health Services Sector

In February 2020, Pro-Source established an Advisory Board for the health services sector. The Board includes leading industry experts from hospital district management, occupational health care, orthopedics and chief physicians’ areas of responsibility. With the help of our Advisory Board’s strong expertise in health services, we can better assist you to develop your own operations, participate in public discourse and make a positive impact on the development of the entire industry, the composition of your employer image and boosting recruitment.

Our activities in the health care industry

In 2021, we conducted a survey with support from Business Finland. The survey looked at the talent the wellbeing services counties would require in order to attain the goals of the structural reform of social and health care services. This survey has proved to be an excellent tool in the long-term development of our activities.

At the moment, we are actively recruiting management for the wellbeing services counties and cities as well as preparing talent specifications and conducting suitability assessments for executives and experts. After the wellbeing services counties were initiated on January 1, 2023, we have continued to help our existing and new clients with anything we can, and we will continue to develop our activities as necessary.

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Case: Kaiku24

Case: The Central Finland Health Care District