Turo Tohmo

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Turo’s main areas of responsibility are staff leasing and interim services. Turo’s way of working is very customer centric and he believes strongly in serving customers holistically in all recruitment related matters. Turo believes that a company’s personnel is its greatest strength, and that is why he assists clients with all of their recruitment needs, from CEO to receptionist to temporary HR manager. Turo executes recruitment assignments skillfully and believes in finding the best possible person for every role, instead of just “good enough”. In recruiting and recruitment development, Turo makes extensive use of digital tools. An excellent customer experience, finding the best possible candidate, and creating a positive employer image throughout the process are his focus areas throughout the recruitment process.  

Before joining Pro-Source, Turo worked in diverse recruitment (staff leasing, recruitment, executive search, head hunting) and sales management roles, as well as coaching roles in these areas. Turo has a strong entrepreneurial background, an understanding of various business sectors, and an ability to recognize development areas where recruitment or coaching will bring significant advantages to clients.

Contact information

Phone: +358 45 254 2721