Executive search: CFO

Gapps’ vision is to help Finnish companies retain their competitive status in a fast-changing world and to offer their employees freedom and flexibility in their daily work. We are fast learners, we love modern cloud solutions, and we want to redeem the high expectations of our customers and thus keep our trustworthiness. Gapps is an official Google strategic partner in the Nordic countries.

At the beginning of the year 2023 Gapps was ready to take their next leap towards the status of the leading company in making digital work easier. To choose the right direction, roadmap and phasing, Gapps needed a strong financials professional who could also challenge our business leaders.

When planning the recruitment it was clear that this challenging executive recruitment needed:

  • time and capacity to dig deep into our Gapps’ needs
  • ability to communicate Gapps’ will and company culture in the right way
  • resources to execute the assignment in a fast pace, but with excellent quality
  • integrity in maintaining the highest possible applicant satisfaction

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